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Last week I worked from 6am-3pm, then Cub Scouts from 4:30pm-9pm…every day. Thus finding time to write didn’t happen in any way, shape or form.

I’ve recently been reading the book “Brother Odd” by Dean Koontz. I’m so thoroughly enjoying the third book in the Odd Thomas series that it makes me want to write.

This then led me to think that one way to get motivated to write is to read writing you really enjoy. At least for me, it makes me say to myself, “I want to do that with my own book.”

Thus go out and locate one of your favorite fiction or non-fiction books and start reading it for the fifteenth time. Let your enjoyment of the book motivate you to want to do the same with your own writing project.

Then go write!

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0041


Write about life in a monastery / convent or what you think life is like in a monastery / convent