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Following the advice in the “Revision & Self-editing” book, I have a set of color pens to use during the editing process. An excerpt from the book on the first read through:

Use some shorthand markings the first time through:

  • a check mark for pages where I feel the story dragging
  • parenthesis around incomprehensible sentences
  • a circle in the margin where I think material needs to be added
  • a question mark for material I think might need to be cut or changed, or otherwise doesn’t make sense

Holly Lisle an author I’m familiar with from her fantasy novels, but she writes in other genres too. On her web site she provides similar advice to do the read through with one caveat:

Have a notebook handy to write down continuity problems that need fixing. Also to use different color pens as your notes will be easier to read by using a different color pen each day when marking up the manuscript.

So I have my colored pens, my notebook and a print-out of my first draft.




Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0038


Write about calling customer service or technical support.