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My family and I started watching Season 13 of Biggest Loser, which just ended airing on TV. The Biggest Loser theme for the show this year was, “The season of no excuses.” Similar to having a word for the day/week that you might focus on as your mantra (i.e. courage, discipline, etc), they show is focusing each week on eliminating a particular excuse.

For example one week they focused on eliminating the excuse that you cannot lose weight without a gym membership. Thus, one of the two teams was forced to workout without any gym equipment at all. . .for an entire week. What was amazing is how well they did in light of this obstacle.

Thus when it comes writing what are you excuses you’ve been using?

Lately for me it’s been work. I’ve been in traveling and training 8+hr days, plus I’m trying to cram in all the things I would normally do in in a normal work week. Next week I have another week of training, followed by a week of family vacation (no laptop).

In other words the excuse of “no time to write” feels very real to me. Yet here I am, awake before the rest of the family getting something blogged. This is proving to myself, it can be done.

Exercise: What are your excuses? Now do the opposite and make the time to write.

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0035


Write about excuses.

What are excuses you’ve heard for people to have the work ethic they do (or do not) have at work? What are the excuses you’ve heard or used about not living a healthier lifestyle? What are the excuses you’ve used to not write more? What is your plan to over come those excuses?