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As mentioned in an earlier post I’m working on editing some short stories to submit to writing contests. Each contest, like most contests & publications, have an expectation of word count.

I’m a wordy writer. Thus editing for me normally means cutting the word count down as I find a better way to rephrase things.

Unfortunately I’m finding that I may run short of the word count for one contest. So what are my options?

Add in additional:

    • Action
    • Dialogue
    • Description
    • Thoughts
    • Characters = more plots = more of all the above. This is especially effective on longer pieces, such as a novel

I hope in the next couple days I can finish editing story #1, find my word count, then add in whatever layers are missing or can be expanded without making the story feel bloated.

It’s a tricky thing getting word count right and with the right words.

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0032


Write about insomnia.

Describe what it was like when you had it. Why did you have it? How did you try and overcome it? If you’ve never had it, what do you do to help you sleep at night? If you’ve never had it, what do you know about it? What do you imagine the long-term effects would be on a person’s mental and/or emotional stability?