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The previous posts covered the steps in the Writing Project Plan. But what if you already have a book written? What then?

I’m in this same predicament with at least three complete first drafts, one second draft and a handful of short stories ready for editing. So what’s next?

Logically, I need to take my own advice and run my completed projects through the Writing Project Plan to identify any items originally missed. As I check through the list I started several projects without the synopsis. Also, I have notes that have yet to be applied to the edit process.

Most of this work would not include new words on the paper, but editing existing words. Thus I need to ensure I have that second project going where I’m applying new words to the blank page.

My writing goal is one(1) hour of writing a day. For me this will include editing for 30 minutes and writing new content for 30 minutes.

Exercise: Get to writing!

Next post: Update on my attempts to edit and write in the same day.

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0027


Write about the desire to want a child or not want a child.

Financial considerations? Impact on the world? Impact of world on the child? Hopes for the child?