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Sorry for the delay in posting this, but it’s been a week of 14hr days at the job.

As we close off the writing project, one question may be,

When do I start my next writing project?

Answer: Depends on how fast you can type and work through the different part of the writing project.

One example is taking a fiction novel and planning out working through all phases over a fifteen(15) month period. That may seem long, but at month eight(8) is when you are starting the second novel and thus working in conjunction. That way you’re basically finishing one new novel every year.

Hopefully this image example comes out well and explains things a bit better:

You don’t have to completely wait till one project is done to start working on another. I think it was Isaac Asimov who had three or four writing projects going at once! But he had such a high capacity of output he could do that, whereas the “average” author may need to focus on one, maybe two, at a time.

Exercise: Plan out your writing schedule based on what you’ve done so far for Project #1. Now add in where you can start Project #2.

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Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0025


Write about a training you attended or classroom setting you were in.

What worked well with the instruction? What put you to sleep? If it was instructor led, what about their manners or dress were distracting and why? Could the character or a fellow classmate be a character in a book and why?