Last post, we looked at the “ups” of writing, as we reminded ourselves of our accomplishments. But like any good project we need to ensure we take note of the challenges we experienced during the process.

Since hindsight is 20 / 20, some areas of challenge you can review:

  • The Initiating Phase
    • What part of writing your Writer’s Mission Statement gave you trouble?
    • Was your first idea only big enough for a short-story / article, when you wanted it be a novel / book?
    • Did you have ideas for the story / characters that were too cliche?
  • The Planning Phase
    • What part of the outlining process slowed you down the most?
    • Did you struggle with establishing an accountability partner?
    • Did you try writing without having all your tools readily available?
  • The Executing Phase
    • Were your initial writing goals too low or too high for you to accomplish on a daily basis?
    • How often did you stop to edit when you should have kept writing the first draft?
    • What challenges did you have with finding a system of note taking that works for you?
  • The Closing Phase
    • What part of the query letter hampered you the most?
    • What did you like least about submitting your work?
    • Did you struggle with identifying your accomplishments through this process?
    • What grief did your friends / family give you through this project?

Remember: This part of the process is to list out the challenges, not find solutions. Too often people are too quick to try and find solutions when they simply need to let the challenges sit in the background, letting their subconscious work through them.

Exercise: Write down your challenges to this writing project.

Next Step: Opportunities for the next project

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0023


Write about a time you had a challenge you were able to overcome the second time it came around.