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Editing is done. You’ve wrapped up loose ends and then submitted your work for publication. With a heavy sigh you are either relieved at this stage of the process finally being done; or you are jumping for joy at the accomplishments so far; or you are already chomping at the bit to get started with the next project.

Whatever your dominate reaction, I believe at the base of most of us is a need for some form of recognition.  The unfortunate plight of the author is that writing is a solitary activity. Since we are the owners of our own motivation, it is up to us to keep the fires burning.

One of the best ways to stoke the fire of motivation — like any good project post-mortem review — is to highlight the accomplishments so far.

Some items to review and pat yourself on the back for:

  • The Initiating Phase
    • How did your idea come together?
    • What part of your initial idea did you like the most and showed itself throughout your writing process?
  • The Planning Phase
    • What inspiration hit during the project phases that took your book / idea into a new direction?
    • How did planning help you control the parts that wanted to get you mired down or off on a tangent?
    • What part of planning did you not think you’d enjoy, but you gave thanks to the heavens afterwards that you did that work up front?
  • The Executing Phase
    • What part of actually writing did you enjoy the most?
    • What helped you hit your writing the goals more consistently?
    • How did you feel when the first draft was finally completed? 2nd Draft?
  • The Closing Phase
    • Which part of editing did you find you liked more than you thought you would?
    • What sense of accomplishment did you get when you sent off the first submission?

We need to take time to review our accomplishments. We need a moment to thank the good Lord for the work that has happened and the work yet to come.

Fuel your fire! Each personality type needs something a little different. But for own sanity and inner health, most of us need to remember what we’ve accomplished during the writing process. . .whether you get published in the end or not.

Exercise: Take time to answer the questions and relish for a moment in your accomplishment. Reward yourself with a dinner out with a loved one or some other gift/activity that motivates and encourages you that the work was worth it.

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Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0022


Write about a time you received recognition for an accomplishment or gave recognition to someone else.