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We are writing. The first draft is progressing. Now we need to check our progress overall.

Many people who have good time management skills will often practice having a weekly review. They will review how they performed the previous week, so they can re-prioritize their plans for the upcoming week.

As far as a writing check off list:

  • Are you meeting your daily writing goals? – if not, then either the goal is too aggressive or you need to make writing a greater priority
  • Note taking organized and notes set to the side
  • Review your outline to make sure you are on track with your story / book
  • If you are hitting your goals easily, then what other writing opportunities can you leverage during the “extra” time? – This extra time is a great opportunity to work on those auxiliary tasks, such as research or vetting out a character background.
  • What are you doing to learn more about the market you want to write for and/or what are you doing this week to gain an online presence? (to be covered in more detail in a future post)

Exercise: Work through the above checklist and set your goals for the upcoming week

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Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0018


Write about dance.

You could attack this in several ways:

  • dance from a dancer’s perspective
  • dance from a man in a night club perspective
  • dance from a dance show perspective
  • dance from your beliefs if dance is “right” or not right in public but okay in private, etc.