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I get it.

Taking all the time to work through the Initiating phase and the Planning phase of any project feels like a burden…especially for writer’s who want to write. But I’m confident if you worked through those first two phases, then the next Executing phase is going to be that much easier and more efficient.

The general steps to the Executing phase:

  1. Start Writing! Don’t Edit!
  2. Manage Tools & Notes
  3. Review Your Progress
  4. Editing

Exercise: Review the Initiating phase and the Planning phase for anything you missed or “slapped together” due to time constraints. As a minimum, have your writing goals figured out, writing schedule planned and outline / notes ready.

Next Post: Start Writing! Don’t Edit!

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0015


Write about rain.

Describe it. How does it make you feel? What pleasant or unpleasant images come to you when you think about rain? Have you been in heavy, monsoon type rain? If so, how did that experience differ from your “normal” rain?