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The next step of the Writing Project Planning Phase  is to plan part of the risks planning. One of the greatest risks to a writer are distractions and interruptions. This week has been a perfect example of extra interruptions, as I’ve moved back from the work office to my home office; then I was under the weather yesterday and called in sick; and finally today is a planned vacation day with the family.

This is a small example of the millions of interruptions any writer could face. But for many interruptions, we can be prepared for them:

  • Keep To Your Commitments – Even though I’m on vacation today, I’m squeezing in what writing I can, because I’m committed to this writing thing.
  • Write Extra – If your goal is 1,000 words a day, then those days you are on roll write at least two or three days worth.
  • Flee Distractions – Some people can’t write in their home because they have too many distractions with their hobbies / toys / family. Get yourself out someplace where those distractions don’t exist.
  • Resist Distractions – There have been times I’ve put my headphones on, cranked up the music and tuned out the distractions.
  • Remove the Distractions – Too often I find myself getting distracted with the Internet, that I have to do my writing in a place that doesn’t offer the Internet. Remove the distractions and the siren’s call will be less tempting.
  • Deal with Interruptions – Some interruptions shouldn’t be fled or resisted but dealt with then and there. Yes, you may not be able to write at your preferred time or location, but it’s better than having your mind stressing over the interruption that needs to be dealt with but hasn’t been.
  • Someone to Deflect Interruptions – Some are in a position to ask a friend or loved one to step in and handle interruptions for them. Ask for help if you need to!
  • Carry Something to Write With Wherever You Go – Small bursts of effort, even in the most unlikely places (in line at the post office, tape recording while in traffic, etc), can quickly add up and meet your daily writing goals.

Exercise: Plan for the interruptions. Write out your contingency plan if / when certain life events come up this year, such as:  birth of a child, job change, vacation, doctor’s appointments, etc.

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Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0011


Write about one of your most memorable vacations.