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The men’s bible study group I’m attend on Saturday mornings (yep, got to leave soon!), is going through the book: “Quiet Strength” by Tony Dungy

On page 28, Dungy recalls Coach Stoll saying:

Success is uncommon and not to be enjoyed by the common man. I’m looking for uncommon people because we want to be successful, not average.

Dungy goes on to say himself:

I had a greater chance of becoming uncommon by my effort than I did my natural gifts

I can totally relate!

When I’m putting out a normal blog of 500 words or less, it takes me a good hour. Even after the writing and editing, people can often find issues with the grammar, spelling or basic sentence phrasing.

I don’t have natural talent, but through uncommon effort of practicing and working at it daily my desire to write will have better than average results.

If you only knew how big of a miracle it is that I’ve been blogging for two weeks (fairly consistent), you’d be amazed! Thus, as I find ways to make time for book publication while writing this blog, I thank God for his help in practicing uncommon success.

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0008


Write about a time you found success through your consistent efforts.

For example, it could be as simple as a 10-minute walk every day towards a healthier lifestyle or finally reading through the books sitting in the boxes in your garage.