After the Initiation Phase comes the Writing Project Planning Phase. Components of this phase are:

  1. Get your tools / resources together
  2. Develop your writing project synopsis
  3. Set your writing schedule (includes deadlines)
  4. Plan for any costs
  5. Plan for risks / interruptions
  6. Accountability
  7. Outlining and Notes

Let’s start looking at the writing tools / resources that could be helpful in writing that fiction or non-fiction writing project:

  • Something to write on / with.

I’ve seen some writers do amazing amounts of work writing long hand with pen & paper at the kitchen table after dinner each night. I’ve also seen the tech savvy folks talking into a phone and letting a program translate it into text for them. Whatever works best for you to get your words down on paper just pick a method and make it happen.

  • Reference books: Thesaurus, Dictionary, Grammar book, etc.

In order to have the least amount of delays during the writing process, have those books (or similar websites) handy, so you can look up your item then move forward asap with writing.

  • Books on writing.

Too many writers spend more time reading books on writing than writing (I use to be one). Find the set of books that best speaks to you for your type of writing and keep them as a handy reference or quick motivation boost. I personally love the “Write Great Fiction” series of books.

  • A place dedicated to writing.

I’ve heard this advice before but didn’t believe it till recently. The better you can have a set place for writing, the easier it is for your mind to automatically switch into writing mode. Whether you sit at your favorite coffee shop, a chair on your front porch, or the cushy reading chair at the local used bookstore. . .find a place where you can concentrate on writing with as few distractions as possible.

  • Snacks and / or Drinks

For those extended sessions, keep the sweet, salty and caffeine (or healthier options) at hand, so your brain stays fueled.

  • Software program to organize your writing (optional)

Some people are great at managing their notes for their book. But others of us find it useful to have a program to keep us organized. For novel writing, a couple of coworkers and myself have loved using WriteItNow: Creative Writing Software.

These resources will help you start writing, stay motivated writing and overcome some of the obstacles while writing.

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Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0006


Write about a time you were playing a boardgame with family or friends.