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The following is 30,000 ft. view of the phases of most projects:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Closing

In the previous posts we’ve already been working on the Initiating phase:

  • We’ve figured out what kind of writer we want to be.
  • We’ve written a mission statement to support that.
  • We’ve prioritized the ideas/projects we’ve started or want to start, which support our mission statement.

One of the biggest surprises most people have when they encounter project management is how much time and effort is spent on the Initiating and Planning phases.  Sometimes these two parts are four times as long as the final two phases.

That is because a project is no different than the adage of a good carpenter:

Measure twice, cut once

We need to have our plan and resources in place first, so we don’t mess up — or mess up as little as possible — nor waste our time (which is precious to us and our family).

Next Post: Over the next few posts I’m going to try and tackle the Planning phase of the writing project.

So what to do between now and then?

The answer to this is partly in why I’ve been providing the writing prompts.

Writing prompts do a few things for us:

  • First and foremost, they help us get in the “mood” of writing. Until we train ourselves to be able to write anytime & anywhere, we train our brain to get into the right mindset for the task.
  • Open-ended prompts (minimal direction) allow one to be as imaginative as they choose. Your imagination is like a muscle that needs exercise to get stronger and work better for you.
  • Prompts help us break free of the internal editor, because it’s timed and we don’t need to worry if its horrible since no one will see it.
  • Some writing prompts may later be expanded to into full-fledged writing projects.
  • Many writing contests are a form of writing prompt. Thus, this is good practice for contests.
Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0005:


Write about a current person of fame/power/influence you’d like to spend the day with.

What would you do with them?

In order to pick their brain, what would you ask them?

What do you hope to gain from that time spent with them?