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Follow up to Writer’s Mission Statement. . .

Now that I’ve spent some time thinking about why I’m blogging about writing and what I hope to accomplish with https://beingawriter.wordpress.com/, the real reasons are:

  • Create myself an online presence to help sell more of my future released books
  • The content I write for the blog may turn into it’s own book one day…thus the time blogging won’t be a “waste” of time or writing effort
  • 200-500 words per blog, is a great doable exercise, especially when a writer should be writing daily!

Thus a blog mission statement is due for a rewrite.

Other than that, today I wanted to quickly tackle the question, “Which writing project(s) should I focus my time and energy on?”

  1. List out your projects and ideas – Last week I sat down and listed out all my incomplete and completed projects, their word count and what draft version I was on. This self-assessment task gave me good idea (and a visual) of where I stood in regards to my existing writing projects
  2. Meet your deadlines! – You may already have a submission out to a publisher. I know it may not be as “fun” as working that new writing idea, but make sure you deliver on you deadlines first! Take care of business first and the other stuff can come later.
  3. Finished or near finished projects get priority – If you already have a body of work written, it’s time to finish what you started or get busy doing that next draft.
  4. Compare your projects to your mission statement This may contradict #3 because if that unfinished / finished project doesn’t meet your mission statement, then it sits and waits. Same goes for a new idea…if it doesn’t further your mission statement, then take note of it for another day.
  5. Combine one or two large projects with smaller ones – While working on your novel or non-fiction book, throw in a short story, article or poem. These “quick wins”, will help keep you motivated by seeing tangible results through a finished short project
  6. Which is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck? – If  your mission statement/goal is to publish ten articles this year, then going with one publisher who will print in 3 months may be a better bet than another that prints in one year. Each opportunity will bring a different set of variables you have work through when prioritizing projects.

Exercise: List out your writing projects or ideas. Using the previous list, set a priority or rank on each idea/project.

Next post: I’m going to take a 30,000 ft overview of a writing project.

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0004:


Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, the ability to provide description that speaks to the senses is key.

Look out the window or go sit outside and describe what you see, hear, and/or feel.