Yesterday I wrote out a first draft for my blog’s mission statement:

I want https://beingawriter.wordpress.com/ to be a blog that encourages others to write; by demystifying the writing process, making writing manageable for the busiest person and making writing fun!

The next step is to ensure the components of the mission statement are quantifiable. Can you measure your efforts are meeting the items called out in your statement?

For example the components of my mission statement are:

  • encourages others
  • demystifies the process of writing
  • makes writing manageable for the busiest person
  • makes writing fun

If I was developing a mission statement for a novel or self-help, I’d have different ways to quantify the success of that project. But, considering my mission statement is for a blog, I’m left with only one or two options to measure success due to the nature of this being a blog.

For the blog:

  • I can gauge success by the number of subscribers growing
  • I can also gauge success by the types of comments people leave

Therefore, I have to ask myself, “Will growing subscribers and/or comments from visitors be a good indication of meeting the four(4) items in my mission statement?”

For me the answer is, “Yes!”

If the answer were “no”, I’d rewrite until I found items that were measurable.

At this time, I can finalize my mission statement and post it on the blog somewhere. I then need to develop a mission statement for the other types of writing I plan on doing (novel, poetry, short story, movie script, etc). I may have a single statement that covers all types of other writing, or I may need to develop multiple statements — that don’t conflict with each other — in order to focus my efforts in those other areas.

Exercise: Finalize your mission statement for one or more areas of writing.

Next blog:  I’ll start talking about some steps any of us can take to get a handle on which writing project(s) to start working on.

Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0003:


Pick a favorite quote and write about it.

How does it apply (or not) to your life? Why do you like the quote so much?

Be truthful or make it completely up.